31DC2017 Inspired By A Book

Sunday, 24 September 2017

I am pretty sure that every year I have done this challenge I have used a child's book for my inspiration.  There are a couple of reasons for that 1) I read children's books everyday with my daughter and 2) they make for easier nail art.  My skills (and brain) aren't super advanced so sticking with the children's themes really works well.  I had originally planned on doing Little Red Riding Hood but then changed my mind as I sat down to do today's mani.  My inspiration - Thelma The Unicorn.  She is a super cute pink horse that ends up with a sparkly mane and horn.  

Polishes used for this mani are Pretty Serious Cosmetics Absence, Color Club Harp On It, French Tips, OPI Mod About You and Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.  Both the unicorn and star images are from Uberchic Unicorn Love stamping plate.

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in light box with flash

Only seven more manis to go....

Uberchic Beauty Zombie Love 02 Stamping Plate - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 23 September 2017

As promised, I have my swatches and review of Uberchic's Zombie Love 02 stamping plate.  This isn't the type of plate that I would grab for on a daily basis but it is perfect for all zombie manis, nail art challenges (like what I posted earlier today) and fans of The Walking Dead.  Plus Halloween is just around the corner so this plate couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
There are a lot of small images on this plate which I think could make for some cool manis but I personally couldn't go past the brains image.  For my base I used OPI Aurora Berry-alis and sponged on What's The Double Scoop? and Flip Flops & Crop Tops.  I stamped using Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

This mani you probably saw in my post earlier but in case you didn't... this mani is inspired by Serene's (Copy Cat Claws) mani.  I love hers and needed it on my nails.  Mine didn't turn out as awesome as hers but I am still really happy with it.  For my base I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff and sponged on Dark Side Of The Mood and Coconuts Over OPI.  I stamped using Bundle Monster Red Sea and Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

Like I said before, this isn't the type of plate that I would grab for on a daily basis but it's awesome for nail art challenges and Halloween.  I did have a little trouble picking up the zombies in the last mani but I think that was user error, and not the plate's fault.

The Zombie Love 02 Stamping Plate is available now from Uberchic Beauty.  

What do you think of this plate?  Will you be picking it up? 

31DC2017 Inspired By A Movie

Have I mentioned that I like to cheat a lot when it comes to nail art challenges?  Well it's probably not so much cheating as it is bending the rules to fit in whatever else I have going on.  I was recently sent a bunch of the new Uberchic plates which I have been working on slowly but surely, and one of them just so happens to be the Zombie Love 02 stamping plate (I will have my swatches and review of this plate up later today).  There are probably about a million different zombie related movies these days so I figured it would be the perfect mani for today.

This mani is inspired by Serene (CopyCat Claws) Zombie mani she did a couple of weeks back.  I have had it stuck in my head since she did it and couldn't help but so a similar mani.  Serene's is definitely much better than mine so definitely check hers out if you haven't seen it already.  You can find it here.

For my base I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff and sponged on Dark Side Of The Mood and Coconuts over OPI.  I then stamped using Bundle Monster Red Sea and Powder Perfect Black Stamping Polish.

I couldn't resist adding a matte top coat to this mani.  I used piCture pOlish G'day Matte.

Is anyone getting excited that this challenge is nearly at the end or is it just me?  I'm sure when October rolls around I will feel "bored" because I won't be doing as many manis or blog posts.  Anyway, only eight more manis to go!

Nail Crazies Unite: Chevrons

Friday, 22 September 2017

I am very glad that I have a blog planner and that I plan in advance.  Why?  Because I seriously would have forgotten about today's Nail Crazies Unite mani...well and everything else.  September is really proving to be a very busy month.  The theme for today is Chevron.  I'm not sure if whoever made this challenge meant zig zags or chevrons because I know a few years back there was some confusion about what "chevrons" were.  It will be interesting to see how everyone interrupts this theme.

For my base I used Emily de Molly Bring The Light (which FYI I am loving!  This baby is so holo that you don't even need lights to see the rainbow - I will have swatches and a review of this polish but not until October).  I then stamped using Powder Perfect Black Stamping Polish and Dance Legend Violet Stamping Polish.  Stamping image is from Lina Nail Art Supplies Feeling Shapely 01.  I wish that I could get a sunshine pic of this mani.  Sadly the sun had gone by the time I finished this mani. 

Wow!  There are only two more themes to go and then this challenge is complete too.

31DC2017 Inspired By A Song

Day twenty two - can you believe that it is already the 22nd of September?  I'm in shock.  Today is also the last day of term for my baby, which means it's school holidays time!  I am both excited and a little nervous for these holidays.  I am not sure I am prepared for all the "I'm bored" that will be thrown my way, despite spending six hours at a park.  They joys of having a very active child.  Anyway, we are here to talk about nails and not school holidays.  Today's theme for 31DC2017 is inspired by a song.  I was listening to Rihanna the other day and her song Diamonds came on.  I figured this would make for an easy mani.

For my base I used Emily de Molly Monty Cora and topped that with All The Feelings (loving this combo - there are so many different colours happening in All The Feelings).  Stamping design is also by Emily de Molly EDM30.

Nine manis to go.....

Dance Legend Thinking Out Cloud - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I'm sure you could have guessed that this second post was going to be happening today.  I still have quite a few Dance Legend polishes to swatch so you will be still be seeing the little posts pop up every now and again.  Today I have one of the new additions to the Sky Prism Collection - Thinking Out Cloud.

Thinking Out Cloud is a delicate pinkish purple with a mix of holographic particles and pink shimmer and a dash of pinkish gold metallic.  This shade is stunning!  And the formula is so easy to use.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in direct sunlight

Picture taken in direct sunlight
I'm really not sure what else I can say about this polish.  I think it's beautiful and the formula is great.  

Thinking Out Cloud is available now from Dance Legend.

31DC2017 Inspired By A Colour

We are officially in the last third of the 31DC2017 challenge.  Part of me is excited because it means that we are close to the finish line, but then the other part of me is scared as I always find this last section of the challenge to be the hardest.  They don't call it a challenge for no reason do they?  Anyway, today's theme is an easy one - inspired by a colour.  It really means you can do whatever you want, well at least that is how I take it.

I couldn't resist using Dance Legend's Thinking Out Cloud seems Melbourne has given me some sunshine finally!  It probably won't last but it was around long enough for me to enjoy this gorgeous holo polish.  Stamping image is from Uberchic 20-03.

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in direct sunlight

Only ten more manis to go....yes I am going to be counting down now.